Jam of the Day | Frightened Rabbit – The Loneliness And The Scream

Photo Credit: Katie Guymon

When I saw Frightened Rabbit in Portland last month, there were two things that left me impressed.

One, Scott Hutchison is a heck of a front man. He’s personable, he has passion, and he genuinely gives the impression that there’s nowhere he’d rather be when on stage performing in front of his fans. At the show in Portland, he even took a request from a fan to play an obscure B-side, “Fun Stuff,” and he did it solo acoustic, remembering all the words.

Two, their closing song from that show, “The Loneliness and the Scream,” today’s infectious JOTD, is one of their best songs. It’s off their latest album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, and for some reason, it gets overlooked.

Today at Speakers in Code, it doesn’t.

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