Jam of the Day | jj – Beautiful Life

Sweden’s jj are one of those bands that sound awesome on record – crafting songs that are immediately catchy upon first listen but also reveal onion-like layers the more plays you give them. Their live show is vexing, however, and after seeing them twice and leaving not knowing if they were on the drugs, or just liked acting erratic and just plain odd on stage, I can say that the jury is still firmly out for this blogger.

I was also perplexed whether or not to list today’s Jam of the Day as a Pajammy Jam of the Day.  But after a few listens, it’s been categorized under the Sigur Ros/Jonsi column, where even ambient tunes can keep your attention and lift your mood.

See what it does for you, and pick up their new 7″, jj nº 4, on May 8th via Secretly Canadian.

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