Jam of the Day | John Grant – GMF

Courtesy Partisan Records

I am the greatest motherf*cker that you’re ever going to meet
From the top of my head down to the tips of the toes on my feet
So go ahead and love me while it’s still a crime
And don’t forget you could be laughing 65% more of the time

This is a song about flaws, and owning up to them, and still having faith in yourself, and when I heard it this morning, doing a peruse of Soundcloud and All Songs Considered and Bandcamp, I fell absolutely in love without reserve. This is an incredible song about being true to yourself, and laughing more, and forgiving flaws. It’s lush and full of layered vocals and understated drums, and that chorus just makes me want to go out and make amazing things.

It’s kind of the perfect be kind to yourself love song.

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