Jam of the Day | Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden – Hangover

Unless you’re a Seattle Seahawks fan and slept in, there’s a good chance that time is moving a bit slow today. Maybe you bet that the Super Bowl wouldn’t include a safety, or maybe that Peyton Manning jersey burned a large, black hole through your soul. Or perhaps it’s just Monday morning. A hangover can mean anything.

Kate Tucker and the Sons of Sweden have their own four-minute atmospheric version, and it swings easy with U2-esque guitars, Mazzy Star vocals, and a healing vibe. Their hangover sounds and plays out like a warm, comfortable movie — a definite cure for the blues.

You can find “Hangover” on KT+SOS’s new album, The Shape The Color The Feel, which shall be released on 2/11. That’s any day now.

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