Jam of the Day | The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Black Mold

Russell Simmons!
Judah Bauer!
Blues Explosion!

Anyone who has seen The Blues Explosion live, has heard those words screamed through Jon Spencer’s microphone at least once in their lives — after, of course, the myriad times they show up on every single record they’ve ever produced. Well – they’re back, and holy shit does their new single kick ass! So much ass, in fact, I want to throw on my bellbottoms and tell the ladies to take a whiff of my pant-leg. Get down.

Ok, so I’m a longtime fan of the JSBX – but the reason for my excitement isn’t just the existence of new material. Things ended badly for me, where they are concerned. Their last album of new material, Damage, was a major disappointment after falling in love with every single previous album they laid down. So when word started to spread about their new album, Meat & Bone, I didn’t let my expectations exceed those of my last album experience.

Well thank GAWD I was wrong not to get excited ! Apparently – eight years off didn’t make them old/rusty at all!  Check out our Jam of the Day, Black Mold, below. The video alone is well worth the four minutes of your life.

Welcome back boys – you’ve entered back into a musical landscape you helped create. I just hope The Black Keys have sent you a Thank You letter or two. 

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