Jam of the Day | Junk Culture – Weird Teenage Vibes

Sometimes a little back story can make a world of difference when approaching new music, and said knowledge just awarded this music blogger a “Eureka” moment! So apparently, Deepak Mantena, the creative force behind the rising experimental pop-project Junk Culture, concocted his trademark vibe from a lifetime collection of sounds he’s captured on a handheld recorder. And listening to his music with this newfound information gives it loads more meaning, while allowing my mind and ears to make sense of these formerly indescribable sounds.

Our Jam of the Day, “Weird Teenage Vibes,” is a shining example of the inspiration just waiting to be discovered from his vibrant harmonies, psychedelic blurps, and house rhythms. It’s a true testament of what the experimentation of sampling the symphony of sounds from everyday life can bring to the process of music making.

Illegal Art will release Summer Friends in February, but in the meantime, download the MP3 below. I recommend headphones if you have them.

Junk Culture – Weird Teenage Vibes

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