Jam of the Day | The Kill Van Kulls – Lost & Found

God, dontcha just love it when you hear an incredible song for the first time the old fashioned way? You know, on the radio? I know, I know, it so rarely happens these days (if it ever happens), but luckily for me, I live in Saint Louis, home of the best damn independent radio station that ever was: KDHX 88.1 FM. Thanks to Darren Snow of Tuesday morning program, Rocket 88, I’ve been introduced to Manchester’s The Kill Van Kulls.

Sounding just like a song off a John Hughes’ movie soundtrack I already hold near and dear to my heart, “Lost & Found,” is a new wave slow-fast-slow jam perfect for first kisses atop glass tables and defiant letter writing from the depths of detention hell.

The Kill Van Kulls – Lost & Found

Doesn’t appear the dudes have an album out just yet, but you can download both singles from their previously released 7″ on their Bandcamp page.  

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