Jam of the Day | Lee Fields & The Expressions – Wish You Were Here

Photo courtesy of Truth and Soul

Falling in love with Lee Fields was a three step process: 1) allowing my husband to watch his favorite lawyering show, Suits, even though I wanted to catch up on episodes of Episodes, 2) busting out my Shazam app during a poignant lawyer-visiting-his-recently-deceased-father’s-grave scene, and 3) Googling the results of said app to find out that Lee Fields is the genius behind the burning-with-regret “Wish You Were Here” (which, interestingly, is not a Pink Floyd cover, but Fields’ new album, Faithful Man, does feature a stunning cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Moonlight Mile.”)

Lee Fields & The Expressions joins a growing list of soul acts (Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley) doing soul so fantastically well that the music has not a trace of the 21st century on it. When I first heard “Wish You Were Here” (thank you, USA Network), I immediately ran through the big names. “Okay, I know that’s not Otis. And it’s not Al. Not Percy. Not Wilson. Not Lou. Who the hell is this?”

So, yeah. Fields is the real deal.

AND! He’s coming with his band, The Expressions, to Lola in Saint Louis on September 16th for their “Funk n’ Soul Revival.” Check it out!

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