Jam of the Day | Lilac Shadows – Blue Nile

What you see is not there

What you feel is not fair

What you’re hearing is wrong

What you have is not gone 

Speakers has been fans of Chapel Hill’s Lilac Shadows since their beginnings, and their latest record, Brutalism, is no exception. It’s moody and atmospheric, there’s punctuation in one of the song titles (okay, so I’m the only one of us who looks for that in a record, so sue me, I like parentheses and semicolons), and the band’s sound just keeps getting bigger and more layered. Today we’re jamming to “Blue Nile”, my favorite track on the record — it’s a fizzy, fuzzed out, minor key ode to either a break up or possibly some creepy stalker behavior or maybe both. I can get behind both.

Stream “Blue Nile” below and Brutalism as a whole on Bandcamp; you can also buy one of the nine remaining copies of the limited edition vinyl from Lilac Shadows’ Bandcamp, as well.

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