Jam of the Day | Los Campesinos! – Avocado, Baby

Super-clear memories of random events seem to be a frequent thing for me, popping up at the weirdest times for inexplicable reasons. One, unbeknownst to me until as recent as last Friday, is of the day I purchased The Go! Team’s debut LP “Thunder, Lightning, Strike” all the way back in 2004.  I had gotten my hair cut that day at a salon (shut up) right next door to the now shuttered Schoolkids Records in Chapel Hill, NC. 

I opened the CD case on my ride home, using my tried-and-true method of running my thumbnail down the small gap separating the cover of the case from the backing of the case…something that now that I think about it…I haven’t done in YEARS now…odd.  Anywho — I opened the case, inserted the CD, and skipped to the only jam on that album I knew at the time, “Huddle Formation.” After hitting the repeat button, I proceeded to ride my ass home while poorly screaming the lyrics out of my window while emulating cheerleading moves. And if memory serves me, I even somehow executed a herkie while wearing my seatbelt.

What that has to do with “Avacado, Baby” by Los Camesinos! is this — I had a very similar reaction last week while listening to my satellite radio on the way home from work. But for that one — I had no repeat button forcing me to live truly in the moment.  The song is simply goddam addictive, and one listen will have you screaming the chorus out of your car windows while dressed in business casual attire as well.

Just press play.

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