Jam of the Day | Matthew Ryan – An Anthem for the Broken (A single to benefit John Anderson)

“How can it be that you can do everything right and still end up emotionally devastated and financially destroyed? My friend John Anderson and his wife Amanda are monuments to this truth.”

Matthew Ryan has given us a lot the past few years — just listen to songs like “Your Museum,” “And It’s Such a Drag,” “Summer in the South,” and “Amy, I’m Letting Go.” But there’s a new album on the horizon, one that is louder, one that features Brian Fallon of the Gaslight Anthem on electric guitar. I’m not of the opinion that Ryan needs to be loud, because his words almost always bite through and speak for themselves; however, perhaps it’s fair to say he’s due for music like this.

“An Anthem For The Broken,” from Ryan’s upcoming album, is our Jam of the Day, and its release serves to help raise money for John Anderson, and his wife Amanda; John is battling ALS. We strongly urge you to consider to support this cause — please click here to donate and learn more about it.

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