Matthew Ryan, Jack Spencer Team Up for “The World Is…”

“This is an invisible song/ From an invisible man…”

Thanks to Jack Spencer, Matthew Ryan’s got a new video, and it’s a beauty. And it wouldn’t surprise me if this particular song, “The World Is…,” which can be found on Ryan’s latest, Dear Lover, is featured in a movie down the road. It’s got that feel to it.

That’s not to say that anything will outdo what Spencer has already created, though. Here’s what Mr. Ryan says about Spencer and the video:

Jack is the kind of fella you read about in history books. I run the risk of hyperbole here, but if you knew him and his work you would understand. He is a monument for art for art without limits. His work hangs in galleries and museums around the world. To have him make this video was a real honor. And to be honest, it speaks directly to what I would hope more of us will do, that is, to collaborate and create things of hopefully timeless beauty with no expectations. We made this video for $16. And while I’ve never been particularly comfortable with looking at myself on film or in pictures, I love Jack’s composition and feel here. I hope you do as well.

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