Jam of the Day | MICK + Leon Bridges – Brown Skin Girl feat. Slim Thug

There is no album in recent history that makes more sense to remix than Leon Bridges out-fucking-standing breakout album Coming Home.  Not only is it, start to finish, a polished example of channeling a time period holistically to create something that sounds both retro and brand-new all at the same time — the music it channels is a direct precursor to a generation who succeeded by sampling and remixing what came before them.

So why not get a smorgasbord of DJs and rappers from Bridges’ homes state of Texas to take on the album as whole. What they created, with varying levels of success, is not only enjoyable, it gives a new take on just how modern Coming Home actually was, without sounding modern at all.

Check out “Brown Skin Girl Below” and download the entire album-remix from the same widget.

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