Jam of the Day | Over the Rhine – The King Knows How

When I listen to today’s JOTD, a couple things become evident to me (besides, say, making me want to dance around the house in a pair of boxers).

One, Karin Bergquist keeps evolving as a singer, so much that I’m pretty sure she could sing anything these days and make it sound unique. On “The King Knows How,” she’s playful, jazzy, and wildly confident with the words she delivers.

Two, I’m more than excited to hear the rest of Over the Rhine’s upcoming album, The Long Surrender, out February 8th, which was produced by Joe Henry, and features a guest vocal appearance by Lucinda Williams. If Bergquist and her other talented half, Linford Detweiler, sound half as good as they do here, well, we might just be treated to their one of their best efforts in a long career that’s already given us albums like Good Dog Bad Dog, Ohio, and The Trumpet Child.

Over the Rhine – The King Knows How

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