Jam of the Day | Beach Fossils – Youth

I’m going to use a little reverse psychology this morning on crotchety ole’ mom nature. It’s Monday morning, it’s raining for the fifth day in a row, and she is basically forcing me to post some early Sigur Ros – which would make everyone at work fall asleep in their cubes instantaneously. But I’m going to fight because everyone who knows me is well aware that I’m a friggin’ badass.

And nothing is more badass, or a is huge middle finger to the weather right now, than a song that is excellent for lying by the pool. “Youth,” our Jam of the Day by Brooklyn-based Beach Fossils is carrying on the tradition of last summer’s lo-fi guitar pop bands in grand fashion.

In fact, Beach Fossils’ self-titled debut is out tomorrow via Captured Tracks, so we can expect an even larger splash of sunshine coming our way.

Beach Fossils – Youth

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