Jam of the Day | Peter Wolf Crier – Crutch & Cane

The newly signed Minneapolis-based duo of Peter Pisano and Brian Moen, otherwise known as Peter Wolf Crier, fit perfectly into the mounting Jagjaguwar catalogue. With current label-mates the likes of Bon Iver, Gayngs, and Volcano Choir, they’ve acquired a position on one of the hottest labels around – and a prefab fanbase ready to welcome them with open arms.

Their debut album, Inter-Be, was written predominantly by Pisano on a single summer night, and therefore comes to us already shrouded in mystique. And our Jam of the Day “Crutch & Cane” illustrates how a rush of creativity during a condensed time frame can create music that echoes the place it occurred. You can practically see him sitting on a porch with a beer and acoustic guitar in hand, using his foot to keep the beat while figuring out its progression.

Even hearing it now in its polished form, filled with tambourine hits and a hint of piano laced chorus, that echo remains – conjuring those summer nights that it was born impeccably.

Inter-Be is due out May 25, 2010. Mark those calendars.

Peter Wolf Crier – Crutch & Cane

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