Jam of the Day | The Donkeys – I Like the Way You Walk

Listening to San Diego’s The Donkeys, it’s easy to focus on the geographic backdrop that frames the music. The jagged cliffs of La Jolla, the rolling hills further inland, the perfect weather, and of course, ocean views are all detectable. But subtract location from the equation, and you’re left with a sort-of slacker/surfer vibe that bustles with the charm of sunshine-driven rock of the past two decades. But, here it’s accomplished without the blatant focus on recreating past licks that is omnipresent in the current indie scene.

Our Jam of the Day, “I Like The Way You Walk,” cops a serious ’90s alt-rock vibe, but does so without the sepia-toned retro or bubblegum-cloying. There is an innate playfulness and honesty to it, circa Slanted and Enchanted era Pavement or the poppy songs on Sparklehorse’s Good Morning Spider. It leaves you yearning for a summer breeze and whispers of sweet nothings. However, as all four Donkeys shout, “Love you with all my heart!” to close out the tune, one gets the sense it’s less a love song than a lament.

Download it below –  and please do yourself a big favor and pick up Born Without Stripes here right now.

The Donkeys – I Like the Way You Walk

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