Jam of the Day | The Rosebuds – Christmas Dan

Well y’all, turkey day is over. Our fridges are stuffed with leftover turkey, stuffing, green bean casserole, and that gelatinous stuff colored like cranberries. It’s the best week to save money by eating leftovers all week, and making yourself so goddamn sick of Thanksgiving food, you literally can’t stomach it ’til next year when you restart the cycle all over again. Uggg.

We here at Speakers in Code recommend you take that extra dough you saved on food, and throw it toward your very own copy of Christmas Tree Island,  a  holiday album released by one of NC’s finest bands, The Rosebuds.  It’s chock full of sparkly new Christmas songs that range from romantic to nostalgic, so no matter where you are in the world, life, and love — it’ll tug on those heartstrings and get you in the tinseling mood.

Check out “Christmas Dan” below, and purchase the entire record right here.

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