Jam of the Day | Snowmine – Let Me In

Just to want it, 
And not to need it, 
Makes me let it go. 
But then you let me in, 
And I don’t want it. 
But you made me believe it. 
So do I really? Do I really? 

Brooklyn’s Snowmine drifted onto my radar one random day while I was cruising Bandcamp. Something told me to press play, and I’m so glad I did. I paused when I heard the twinkling xylophones of “Let Me In,” glistening like freshly lain frost on a cold fall morning. Any chill would melt with the chorus, which swirls into a warm cocoon with a Shins-esque sheen. The track falls back into itself again, quietly mimicking the singer’s inner monologue; “I want it, but I don’t need it,” he says. Lush strings reemerge and build a new fire only to dwindle as the song concludes. “Let Me In” is sweet indecision at its best, and there are plenty more great jams on Snowmine’s superb full-length Laminate Pet Animal, which you can download at your own price HERE.

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