Jam of the Day | Temples – The Golden Throne

Peppermints man. Fucking peppermints and a swirling, tie-dyed sky. Large purple mushrooms and pulsating mountains. Bikes with cinnamon sticks as spokes and tongues balancing hits of banana-flavored acid squares. I’m talking colors man, and not the kind contained in a Crayola box, but the kind that spews from an Orange amplifier. The kind of colors that leap from the back of your eyelids when you close them in the sun. You know what I’m talking about – swirlies.  Radiating headless Byrds dancing to marching Beatles on the top of a Jefferson Airplane piloted by Timothy Leary wearing a pin stating “Tune in, Drop out.” Organs made of grass. Strings wired with angel hair and bows bound with corn silks. It’s all there. How did no one know this until now? And why did it take some kids for Kettering to show us the way?

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