Jam of the Day | Tyler Ramsey – The Valley Wind

After steadily writing while both on and off the road over the course of last year, Tyler Ramsey headed to Nashville, TN, to record his third album of southern-fueled ditties in early January. Friend and bandmate Bill Reynolds (who’s worked with The Avett Brothers and Lissie) produced and aided on bass, and over a rare snowy set of six days in the southern city, Ramsey crafted nine, finely spun songs, keeping the focus on performance, and letting fresh ideas reveal themselves as they would. The result: a crystalline yet warm album, filled with Ramsey’s rich, plaintive vocals and expressive, intricate guitar playing.

Ramsey is perhaps most immediately recognizable as the tall, lean guitarist in Band Of Horses, having played with them since 2007. But this LP, which shares its name with our Jam of the Day, sounds far different than the stadium-sized rockers BOH churns out. It’s intimate, yet interesting. His guitar work is more than enough to carry each song, but his voice adds an extra level of intensity that only comes from good, honest music like this.

Check out “The Valley Wind,” the song below. Then head HERE to buy The Valley Wind, the album.

Tyler Ramsey – The Valley Wind

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