Jam of the Day | Vinyl Thief – Smooth

Sometimes great music finds you when you least expect it. You might go to a show to see your favorite band and be wowed by the opener you’ve never heard of. Maybe you’re cruising down the blog freeway and come across a striking album cover, so you click on the song stream and the aesthetics just work together. Or maybe a really nice fan of your blog tweets you a compliment and offers a suggestion based on other acts you’ve covered, and BAM. It’s a hit. Enter: Nashville’s Vinyl Thief. The promising young group has a brand new single out this week that sounds like Keane for the next generation. Their fan-funded, full-length debut, Fathoms, is coming soon and is sure to offer electro-pop hooks aplenty. Let your appetite for great new music be whetted with this “Smooth” jam.

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