Jam of the Day |WATERS – O Holy Break Of Day

Talk about songs that surprise the hell out of you! WATERS, the new project from former Port O’Brien front man Van Pierszalowski, has revealed a brand new track, “O Holy Break of Day,” from his forthcoming album Out in the Light, and Jesus H. Christ, it freaking rules.

Mixing fuzzy, pealing guitars and crashing drums with dynamic, indelible melodies, “O Holy Break of Day” is a barrelling, building, grunge-soaked song, that soars as it rolls, culminating in an anthem accompanied by Pierszalowski’s sanded, reedy tenor. And when this song builds until it simply HAS to break, even Neil Young would be forced to head bob to the resulting crash.

“I can’t believe this song is for free,” Pierszaloski sings midway through the song. We can’t either, man. We can’t either.

Download it by hitting the little arrow below, and pick up the full LP when it is available September 20th, on TBD Records.

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