Jam of the Day | White Cascade – Endless

In an email to Matt Robbins, White Cascade’s drummer and just 1 of 3 men named Matt that make-up the band —  I described coming back to the blog after a month-long-paternity-leave as a fog slowly starting to lift. Indeed, it’s a slow process re-immersing myself in all things musical. The aural properties have to be just-so at this point, not too peppy, because I’m now nocturnal. Not too bemoaning because I’m sleep deprived.

Lo and behold, the one email I responded to today, contained the prefect damn song for toe-dipping-into-blog waters.  “Endless” is a turn for the brighter. Less shoegaze than the last time we presented you guys with a White Cascade jam, and more dream-pop. Seems like I’ve done this before, but I dub this music Dreamgaze, and thus may all other bands that attempt a similar sound be pigeonholed.

Check out “Endless” below and throw them $1.99 for it and a remix.

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