Jam of the Day | Wild Belle – Keep You

Chicago’s Wilde Belle are Natalie & Elliot Bergman. Details currently available about the soulful duo on the interwebs are… sparse. The exact nature of their relationship (siblings? spouses? coincidental matching last names? does it really matter?) is a mystery. The one known nugget of info about Wild Belle is their amazing debut single, “Keep You.” For an initial release, the track is incredibly luscious and rich, a beautifully layered pop gem buoyed by a charming reggae lilt. Natalie’s playful, smoky vocal is a cheekily confident debut. Elliot’s booming sax solos are punchy and bold, giving the track an extra groove that stitches “Keep You” into the listener’s mind.

Keep your eyes and ears on these exciting upstarts; hopefully we’ll get some more Wild Belle music in 2012. For now, listen to “Keep You” again and again and again.

BONUS Mini-Show Review – Wild Belle played at Schubas Tavern in Chicago this past Saturday, January 14th, as part of the Tomorrow Never Knows festival. On a night where Class Actress and Chairlift were the headliners, Wild Belle played to a room that was far more packed for them than it was for the more established female led electro-pop groups that followed. Natalie & Elliot put on a glistening home town show, closing with “Keep You.”

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