Jam of the Day | Young Magic – You With Air

At this point, we really don’t know much about Australia’s Young Magic except it’s the stage name for some dude named Isaac, he’s the newest addition to the beeping hot as hell Carpark family, he’s currently residing somewhere in NYC, and he made the record with some friends.

We’ve also been told the songs were recorded over the last six months in various places around the world: old spy bases near Berlin, empty rooms in Iceland, kids’ playgrounds in Melbourne, and no-water flats in New York. These various locales are sampled and integrated into the fabric of Young Magic’s sound creating the fluidity and songwriting of late ’60s, psychedelic soul combined with modern-day beat making.

Our Jam of the Day, “You with Air,” sounds industrial to say the least. Droning sythesizers drown out chanting vocals and buzz over lyrics, making them a good deal more electric. I’m going to guess this one was recorded in in that waterless, New York flat. Seems fitting.

Listen and download below, and order the single when its out in early Febuary here.

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