Jam of the Day | Real Estate – It’s Real

Photo by Shawn Brackbrill

As the glossiness of summer’s novel sheen becomes dirtied with the oppressive heat that only the Midwest can offer, we need pop songs that reflect the melancholy of being trapped inside all day with only artificial cooling to keep us from melting into little puddles on the sidewalks.

Don’t worry, Real Estate is back with a single perfect for a slow moving mid-July. If you take “It’s Real” to the pool, the track sounds as if it’s floating joyously on top of turquoise waves. If you listen to the song indoors while staring out the window (like me), it instantly takes on a more somber, wistful vibe, raising two defiant middle fingers to all those bastards out there with cement ponds in their backyards.

Either way, it works.

Real Estate’s new album, Days, comes out October 18th on Domino. 

Listen to “It’s Real” below, and click the little green button to get your free download. For the exchange of your e-mail address, of course. 

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