Lissie Announces U.S. Release Date for ‘Catching a Tiger’

We love our Lissie Marus ’round these parts. Hardcore. But, not in a dirty way.

Ever since I heard her critically acclaimed EP, Why You Runnin’, I started drooling over the possibility of her debut full-length coming out in 2010. Her soulful, whiskey-soaked voice shook me to my core, especially on the track, “Everywhere I Go.” Two words: cold chills.

So, my waiting began. Lissie’s friggin’ amazing covers of songs like Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” and Kid Cudi’s “Pursuit of Happiness” that came out this year simultaneously satisifed and teased. Just last week, I heard rumors somewhere on the Interwebs that she hoped (yes, only hoped) Catching a Tiger would be out by the end of the year in the U.S. even though a release date in the U.K. had already been set. That is when I took out an online ad to find a new British friend to buy the album for me. I’m kidding. Maybe.

Well, I don’t have to worry my pretty little head any longer. Just got word that we have an official release date for Catching a Tiger: August 17, 2010 on Fat Possum Records. You can preorder the album now via the label’s website. Hot damn!

The Illinois native’s Catching a Tiger was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee and Asheville, North Carolina. The girl’s gonna hit up the major festivals this summer including Glastonbury, Lillith Fair, and Austin City Limits with more touring information to come soon (fingers crossed).

Record Collector
When I’m Alone
In Sleep
Little Lovin’
Loosen The Knot
Everywhere I Go
Worried About
Look Away
Oh Mississippi

Watch live video of two new songs off Catching a Tiger: “In Sleep” and “Bully.”

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