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Back in September of 2010, we made Union Tree Review’s “Let Me Be” the Pajammy Jam of the Day (as in a slow, made for bedtime kinda song). We wrote that “Let Me Be” is a chugging, acoustic train, reminiscent of Ryan Adams: brilliant lyricism, piano in all the right places, plenty o’ references to booze and regret.

Half a year later, we still mean it. And, since we were first introduced, we’ve loved following UTR’s path as they garner new fans around town and, pardon the cliché, make beautiful music together.

Union Tree Review is now working on a new record, and in unique fashion, the guys (and very purty girl) in the band want to give fans an inside look at the creative process. They’re unleashing a demo version of new track, “Parties” for the first time today.

Here’s what the band has to say about that: “We’re currently working on a new record.  In that process, we record a whole lot of versions of each song … some of them are just meant to be rough drafts, some of them are just experimenting with a new direction. This song is an example of the kinds of rough drafts we’re producing: one take, a few instruments, and a whole lot of imperfections. Since what we do is so closely tied to our community, we thought it’d be nice to open the blinds a bit and include the audience in the creative process, no matter how rough-around-the-edges it can be.”

To hear “Parties (Demo)” click thisaway. Damn, it’s a heartbreaker. The lyrics are straightforward, the instruments sparse. Halfway through, scraped knees and sleepless nights emanate from the the howling vocals, desperation afoot in the streets of Saint Louis.

More on Union Tree Review…

The band is opening tomorrow for Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, along with Sleepy Kitty at The Firebird. Get your tickets here.

UTR is also playing Off Broadway on April 22nd, opening for Ha Ha Tonka with Spring Standards. Tickets can be purchased here.

Keep up with ’em at their website, where they post “gratuitous” shots of their instruments and write about their progress.

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