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Back in May, we introduced you to Chicago synth-pop rockers Hey Champ and offered up a deliciously free download of the groovy dance inciter “Anything At All,” the lead single from their EP bearing the same name. Following the EP release, the fellas released Volume 3 of their Winner’s Circle Mixtape series. Entitled “Cool in the Pool,” this mix is jam packed with a varied array of shimmering summer jams that, as long as you have a pulse, will get you pumped for some hot summer action.

Embedded in the mix is Hey Champ’s most recent single “Too Hot,” a plinking, plunking, electro track (think Gary Newman / OMD / New Order) that will no doubt inspire many robotic dance interpretations. Download “Too Hot” for FREE by clicking HERE.

Last week I sat down with Hey Champ’s lead singer Saam Hagshenas to discuss Hey Champ’s stomping ground, the City of Wind, Chicago, Illinois.

So you’re from Chicago. I’m from Chicago. Will you be my friend?

Sure, I guess so. {Saam rolls his eyes in a not so obvious way, checks watch.}

Have you ever written a song that pays tribute, in some way, to Chicago?

“Silver City” was written about Chicago, we tried to pay tribute to the lesser known aspects of the city, so the song is by and for Chicagoans. All Chicago folk have a complicated relationship with the city, they’ll curse it and praise it in the same breath. We threaten to leave every winter but are lured back by the summer.

How does your relationship to Chicago influence your music?

Well, we don’t have the luxury of going outside for many months out of the year, so our music probably ends up a little darker and less sunny that way.

What is a typical weeknight like for you guys?

On a Tuesday, for example, you’ll find us eating burgers at Lockdown (try the Arson burgers if you want to cry) and grabbing craft beers at Estelle’s (try the Lil’ Sumpin’ Sumpin’). And after we stumble out of there, it’s straight over to Jonathan’s (HC’s Drummer) for live-action Mortal Kombat.

What is the easiest way to get in trouble in your hometown?

Try to sell a Senate seat.

Tell us about the first time you played in Chicago as Hey Champ. How did it go?

The first Hey Champ show as the 3 of us was at Schubas. It went surprisingly well, just ask any of the 12 people in attendance.

Check out a studio performance vid (with some real Chicago footage) for the aforementioned and Chicago inspired “Silver City” below. If you are in Chicago, Hey Champ will be performing at the Empty Bottle on Sunday, August 14th. That is THIS Sunday. Check them out. These guys bring it live.

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