Pajammy Jam of the Day | Matthew Ryan + Hammock – Like New Year’s Day

It looks like rain
And that’s fine with me
It’s like we’ve been living
On the sun lately 

If I had to pick one artist that always seems to get to the heart of the matter with his or her lyrics, that artist would probably be Matthew Ryan.

The last time we heard from Ryan, he brought us Dear Lover, a fine collection of songs that dealt with the transient nature of life. His music isn’t for the person who wants to understand everything about a song in mere seconds; his songs are for the souls out there who truly want to listen, people who want something more than an instant, disposable thrill. Ryan’s music, like anything really memorable in life, takes time to appreciate. And that’ just fine with me.

Our latest gift from the singer-songwriter from Chester, Pennsylvania, is a collaboration with Hammock, a band Ryan describes as one he’s “always wanted to be in.” Have a listen below, and you’ll see why.

Purchase “Like New Year’s Day” here.

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