Pajammy Jam of the Day | Michael McDermott w/ Kate York, Heather Horton – Hard to Break

“Harboring the things we’ll never keep/ Born of a thousand nights without sleep…”

Late last year, I caught Michael McDermott opening for Matthew Ryan at Off Broadway in St. Louis, and I was immediately taken by today’s PJOTD. You know how it goes with openers — sometimes they are decent, sometimes you’re glad you arrived late. And sometimes you hear a song that will remain with you for the rest of your life.

I’ll always remember what McDermott said about this song before he performed it live. He told the crowd that it was so personal that he couldn’t bear to sing it himself. That night, his wife, Heather Horton, sang his words. On the studio version, Kate York lends her voice. Both chilling versions are below.

If anything, this song reminds me how powerful words can be, and how important they are in my life.

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