Photos | Dawes and Shovels & Rope at Cat’s Cradle, Carrboro, NC

All photos by Agatha Donkar

Last night, the Cradle was hot, and muggy, and full of humans, all of which is to be expected for a) Dawes with b) honorary-Triangle-ites Shovels & Rope c) in June d) in North Carolina, but this did perplex a few people near me, who kept complaining that “a good venue” would be able to keep itself icy cold during a show like thAT. I can only assume they do not go to concerts regularly, as June in North Carolina is the beginning of a season known as “the four months in which it is completely physically miserable to attend popular concerts but hey, if you’re lucky, you might sweat off three or four pounds if you do go out”. Confused concert goers, that’s just how it is. Sorry, guys.
Despite all that, Dawes and Shovels & Rope really rocked the Cradle last night, and were both excellent in doing so. Dawes is a band I dig but don’t have a deep passion for, so I enjoy seeing them once a year to remind me that Taylor Goldsmith is one of the most fun people to photograph ever, besides being a genius guitar player, which their early electric Dylan meets Widespread Panic set did in spades. And Charleston, SC’s Shovels & Rope, if you don’t already know them, are the husband-and-wife team of Cary Ann Heart and Michael Trent, and they make stompy, heartbreaking two-person country music.
Dawes and Shovels & Rope will be together off and on for the rest of the summer, though sadly it seems that the show at Off-Broadway in STL is already sold out. If you live somewhere that the shows aren’t sold out, though, you should go — it was a sweaty, wonderful evening.
Full set of photos is on Flickr.

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