[PHOTOS] Josh Ritter at The Pageant in St. Louis

Josh Ritter made his headlining debut at The Pageant in St. Louis on Friday. Although during the show he thought back to the day 10 years ago when he performed an opening set.
“(After the show) I remember sitting up there (in the balcony),” Ritter said. “And it felt like a stadium to me. It still does.”
The good news is that Ritter is as sharp as he has ever been. His show was brilliantly paced — as it always is. And his perma-grin remains. Before an acoustic “Snow is Gone,” the songwriter from Idaho let out a “YEAHHHHHHHH.” So much joy. Real joy. 
The bad news? There is no bad news at a Josh Ritter show. 
May it always remain that way. 

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