Photos + Words | Matt & Kim with Waters

WATERS | All photos by Kristen Abigail

It feels like summer in Nashville already, and the best way to start it off is with a sweaty rave kind of night involving Matt & Kim and WATERS.

The colorful night started off with San Francisco pop rock band WATERS, who recently released their debut record, What’s Real, through Vagrant Records. The audience at Marathon Music Works was ready to get the party started as soon as WATERS hit the stage. With fun relatable lyrics, funky grooves and enthusiastic personalities, WATERS pumped up the crowd very well and left everyone wanting more.

And then Matt and Kim‘s set came on with a lot of smoke. Matt and Kim ran onto the stage immediately launching t-shirts and dancing along to a very loud bass. Kim screams  and Matt immediately starts laughing at Kim right as they begin their set. Their chemistry is obviously undeniable on stage. Throughout the entire set, Kim jumps up on top of her drum kit and dances tapping a bunch of the cymbals while Matt sings at the top of his lungs. Matt shows his goofy personality while Kim drops a bunch of f-bombs, girls vs boys jokes and she encouraging the girls in the room to crowd surf. The whole night was filled with sweat, screams, sing-a-longs, and a lot of jumping up and down. A few surprises are included in Matt & Kim’s set that I don’t want to spoil, because it is easily the best interactive show I have ever seen in Nashville. It’s definitely an experience that you have to see for yourself.

Matt & Kim will continue to tour to support their new record, New Glow, throughout the summer. Please enjoy these photos by Kristen Abigail below.


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