[PREMIERE] Jam of the Day | Stacey Winter – You Fell in Love

Photo by Nate Burrell

You’re such a tragedy lately
I love the way that you play me
You fell in love with yourself

Stacey Winter
has a layered, pop sound — one that features Aaron Lee Tasjan’s unleashed guitar on today’s Jam of the Day, “You Fell in Love.” The lyrics here are accusatory, possibly at you, possibly at me. Depends on the day, the hour, the shape of the clouds — that type of tragedy. If you play this track loud enough, you’ll relate.

Here’s what Stacey Winter [visit his Facebook page here] had to say about “You Fell in Love;” have a listen below.

It was borne out of the kind of anger that weighs on you for days, like you can’t stop thinking about it. And the more I thought it through, the more I realized that I was mostly angry at myself for not being able to let it go. So the song is conflicted. The frustration, to me, is obvious. Honestly, I’m still not sure if the frustration there is directed at someone else or at myself. I decided to lighten the heaviness by making a party jam. It just happened that Aaron Lee Tasjan came through town as I was working on it, so he graciously came over the morning after his show and threw down some lead guitar. I love the lead stuff he played on it! Everything else is just me working my way around the studio, layering each instrument as it grabbed me. I had just finished building some new microphones so I took this opportunity to test those out, too. I’m pretty happy with the way it all turned out.

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