Speakers in Code: Hopscotch Music Festival | Day One in Photos

The first night of the Hopscotch Music Festival can be tough.  If you don’t take the entire day off – you spend the daylight hours working your normal 9 to 5, then do your best to turn into the 21 year-old you, and stay up and alert until after 2:00 am.  In the past, those two conflicting worlds have collided in an explosion of sleepiness and tired legs.

Last night, however, the mind-boggling quality of the lineup kept even the oldest of us bloggers infused with enough testosterone to not only be fully-awake in the wee hours of the morn, but also jumping up and down along with the kids with Xs on their hands in the closing moments of the night.

As a collective, the Speakers in Code club took in Young Magic, Charlie Parr, Altos, Matthew E. White, Airstrip, Delicate Steve, Phil Cook & His Feat, Flesh Wounds, Gross Ghost and Guardian Alien. Our girl Aggie snapped a few pics as well. See them below.

On to day two!

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