Speakers in Code Presents Hannah Miller (The Living Room Concert)

If there was a way I could bottle up the quiet energy and intimacy of a living room concert, and perhaps show it to you in a three-minute video, I would gladly do that. But, I can’t. A video, or even any words I could write wouldn’t do a living room concert justice. It’s a different (and better) setting than the coziest venue around town (and we have some cozy ones). You really have to be there, I guess.

Hannah Miller — the latest artist who will be performing in our living room concert series — she’s easy to write about. Her most recent EP, Journey to the Moon, released in 2010, was a fantastic showing of Miller’s vast talents. If each of its four songs were shot toward the moon, they would probably land in four different places — Miller doesn’t focus on one style or sound. She throws everything in the air, hoping a good home awaits in the unknown distance.

On Saturday, Miller will be landing smack dab in one of our living rooms. We’re almost at capacity, so if you’re in the St. Louis area and would like to join us, or just want more information, shoot an e-mail to: [email protected]. The suggested donation for the show is $5-10, and “doors” open at 8:00 PM. We’d love to see you!

Official Music Video, “Way About Ya” by Hannah Miller from Hannah Miller on Vimeo.

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