STL LOUD | Band Release #3

Early last week, we were psyched to announce a new EP project for Saint Louis local bands, brought to you by creative thinker and general cool kid, Ryan Albritton of R&R Music Labs. Since that intial report, area music blogs have been leaking tidbits about the effort in a mysterious, scavenger hunt sorta way. Today, it’s our turn, but no worries, we don’t plan to be too cryptic. We want to let the pure awesomeness of STL LOUD be known in a direct, no frills way.

But first, some catch up: Last week, A to Z first let you know about the project’s artwork, designed by (and pictured above) Kit Kellison of Off Broadway. On Monday, our esteemed pals at I Went to a Show announced the first two bands who will write and record an original, exclusive song for STL LOUD, numero uno. On Wednesday, the jazzy Travis Wood of 5 Score Pachyderm released the second two bands to be featured on the EP.

Today, we give you the last two artists.

Wait for it.

Okay, it’s Andy Berkhout and Via Dove! Hurrah for plum pudding!

More about Andy Berkhout…

Berkhout, Saint Louis’ own prolific singer-songwriter shouldn’t have a problem writing a new song for the STL LOUD project, considering early in January 2010, he committed to writing and releasing a new song (for free) every week through his website.

His output since his self-produced debut EP, Wake Up for the Day, came out in 2009 is quite impressive. Since then, he’s released multiple EPs and and has drawn comparisons to introspective folksters Sufjan Stevens and Iron & Wine.

Berkhout’s immense catalog of songs will no doubt benefit from the addition of one more, crafted especially for the STL LOUD project.

More about Via Dove…

Via Dove does rock ‘n’ roll right. The Saint Louis foursome (Aaron Vaught, Mike North, Andy Shadburne, and Reid Burnett) have an enlightened view of the world: their sole purpose is to “sing harmonies, make noise, and shake hips.” This might just be the meaning of life.

Yesterday, we gave you the official invite mandate to attend Via Dove’s record release party at Off Broadway on October 22nd, but this just in – Via Dove will be doing an in-store at Vintage Vinyl on October 12th where the new album, El Mundo Latino, will be available for purchase.

Via Dove’s inclusion on the STL LOUD project takes the inaugural EP to a whole new level of awesome.

Follow the whole fam damily on Twitter: @andyberkhout, @viadove,  @RRMUSICLABS,  @rftmusic,  @iwtas,  @5ScorePachyderm, @offbroadwaystl, @vintagevinylSTL and last but hopefully not least, us @speakersincode.

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