SXSW Preview | The MANICFEST DESTINY IV SHOWCASE Artists Speak About SXSW and Austin

We’re SO excited to be sponsoring the MANICFEST DESTINY IV SHOWCASE, which is happening Thursday at SXSW in Austin at Rusty’s (405 E. 7th Street, Austin, Texas 78701) starting at 1PM with Brooklyn’s Jillette Johnson on our outdoor patio stage. Please RSVP on Facebook here or RSVP on Do512 here. Be sure to follow Speakers in Code on Twitter for special guest tweets on Thursday as well.

And now is the time to feature some of the artists playing the showcase! Please read their words about SXSW, follow them on social media, and listen to their songs — everything you’ll need is below. See you on Thursday in Austin!


“This will not only be our first time playing SXSW but it will also be our first out of state show as DECORATOR, our new band name and brand. We are honored and ready to be a part of this great coalition of creative artists in the field of music. We don’t know what to expect besides chaos, but we fully embrace that. Since we sort of ‘relaunched’ this project with a different name and attitude, we know that the name of the game is exposure. As far as we can tell, there isn’t a better place to get in front of fresh faces than SXSW right now. We have new music coming out soon, so we’re calling this our official launch into the new year. Big things are coming!” — DECORATOR


Goodnight, Texas

“The town council of Goodnight, Texas is proud to send our first delegation to the state capital at a time of great cultural interest. The delegates will be singing songs from their soon to be released sophomore studio recording at the top/middle/bottom of their lungs, as needed, and are very eager to share the stage with other fine delegations, eat food from trucks, and drink Lonestar. We encourage you to join them.” –Goodnight, Texas


The Technicolors

“We’re really excited to get back out to SXSW. It’s chaotic, random, haphazard, and messy. It’s paradise. It seems to be becoming more and more like that as the public becomes more and more aware, an as the festival keeps expanding and seeking new territory. It’s nice for bands like us, because with that comes more opportunity to be a part of something bigger than just music. You get to come together with all different kinds of creative people and share what you’ve been working, and who you are as a creative being.”–The Technicolors


Mia Dyson

“Growing up in Australia it was hard to imagine myself in this mythical, far-away landscape of America that spawned so much of my favorite music. And now I’m driving those highways on my way to Austin to play songs from a new album I’ve just made in the States with the incredible creative people I’ve met since I moved to Los Angeles. As we get closer to my album coming out in June, I’m appreciating where all of this began, and I can’t wait to get to Austin.”–Mia Dyson


The Rocketboys

“We love SXSW! Every year is an adventure that brings with it a ton of great stories as well as a few bruises (usually). We’ve had the pleasure of playing SXSW the last several years, and being from Austin, it makes us very proud. It’s great to get to see all of the bands we’ve met out on the road congregating in our amazing city, all at the same time. This year we’re particularly excited, because we have a ton of new songs to showcase. Over the last several months we’ve been working on a new record (which we’re set to start recording soon after SXSW), and we couldn’t be more pumped to share them. We did a “pay-what-you-want” online show at Blue Rock Artist Ranch & Studio a couple weeks ago and played several of them for people all around the world. Here’s one of the new songs below, “Walk Away.”–The Rocketboys



Yellow Red Sparks

“SXSW is hectic. Plain and simple. If you go there with a plan (better than no plan), things will change, morph and eventually turn into something entirely different than you expected. We’re excited to meet some new people (like Bob Dylan), hopefully find a new home for our booking needs and just play our little hearts out! We traveled quite a bit last year and Austin is by far one of our favorite cities in the country…and although SXSW isn’t the best representative of what Austin is all about, it definitely gives you a better worldview. With so many different people stuffed into what feels like a can of sardines, you can’t help but be affected by it.”–Yellow Red Sparks


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