The 20 Best Sad Bastard Songs of 2013

Whatever happened to the dude on Nathaniel Rateliffe’s cover for Falling Faster Than You Can Run, well, we predict many sad bastard nights in his future. Folks, you know the image above well, and it can’t be good. She gone.

However, there is hope for him to recover! (Sad drum roll…)

Like we did last year, it’s time for The 20 Best Sad Bastard Songs of 2013, perhaps our highest honor here at SIC!

We know what you’re thinking: Hope in a sad song? How can that be!? Wouldn’t sad shit make my problems worse?

Nonsense, we say.

**Note** These are not ranked, and only songs NOT included on our “Best Songs of 2013” list, which will be posted next week. Also — we’ve considered everyone, male or female, band or artist. Remember, it’s the song we’re picking, not the person who wrote it or who is covering it (as some of these are indeed covers).

You can listen to each individual song below, or simply subscribe to our playlist on Spotify! Here’s to the sad bastard in all of us.

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