Jam of the Day | Old Lights – Loud Song

Photo courtesy of Old Lights’ website.

The first line in this song is bullshit; the last line is not.

“Loud Song” is my favorite Old Lights track because of the emotion it brings — there is a battle going on in this song. And I’ve never met David Beeman of Old Lights, but I feel he’s the best songwriter living in St. Louis not named Jay Farrar.

“Loud Song” may be titled the way it is because it’s, well, loud. But, lyrics can also be loud in the way the make you feel. And I definitely judge music by the way it makes me feel. Old Lights, you certainly pass that test.

You can catch Old Lights in St. Louis at Off Broadway on December 21 with Bo and The Locomotive, Magic City, David Vandervelde, and Pretty Little Empire. It’s billed as “The Last Show on Earth” because of those Mayans and their calendars.

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