The Power of Love: LouFest 2017 Playlist

Photo by Jason Gonulsen

It doesn’t seem like seven years ago.

In 2010, LouFest debuted with two stages set up on the same end of the Central Fields area of Forest Park. The headliners were Broken Social Scene and She & Him. The VIP and media area was behind the stages, which basically placed some of you in the same vicinity as the artists playing the fest, which in turn directed you to wait in the same porta-potty line as Jeff Tweedy, who was playing the inaugural LouFest as a solo act. I’m pretty sure they hired a magician, too, although I am having trouble corroborating that claim. Whatever. Every festival must have some kind of folklore attached to it. (There was totally a magician.) The first LouFest was both weird and wonderful, and I kinda miss those wonder days of not knowing what the hell was going to happen. Maybe I still don’t know what’s going to happen. Maybe that’s the point.

This weekend marks the eighth LouFest. It’s still located at Forest Park, but the location inside the park is different: you’ll want to study this map to get you there. Or you can go to Central Fields and reminisce, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Actually, no, don’t do that. Find the Muny, and you’re basically at this year’s LouFest.

And hey! Listen to our LouFest playlist to GET YOU PUMPED. Here’s a dozen songs for ya.

Peace. And Love. Always.

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