Video | The Blind Eyes – Into The Breach + Hermetically Sealed

Photo courtesy of The Blind Eyes

Last Friday, we had the pleasure of seeing our friends, The Blind Eyes, headline an all local show (well, almost all local…The ACBs from Kansas City completed the bill) for the first time since adding a fourth member to the line-up. Andy White, on guitar, rounds out the band’s signature indie-pop with satisfying success. (Seriously. We asked a certain fellow music writer, “Is this your first time seeing The Blind Eyes as a foursome?” That certain fellow music writer replied, “Yes! And clearly…it’s working.) Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

We took the liberty of recording a coupla live numbers, both off the band’s sophomore album, With A Bang for your viewing pleasure. But first! You can buy With A Bang HERE and read our review HERE. Give it a whirl, won’t you?

PS, friends: The next time you can catch The Blind Eyes live in Saint Louis is on New Year’s Eve, at the second annual par-tay at Off Broadway. If it’s anything like year one, it’ll be a) fun and b) full of surprises. So, don’t despair. New Year’s Eve doesn’t have to be a total letdown this year. It’ll be okay.

The Blind Eyes – Into The Breach

The Blind Eyes – Hermetically Sealed

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