Video | Generationals – Tell Me Now

Last night, a football player (we’re pretending one of the dead ones from Beetlejuice), a lizard man of sorts, a panda, a vampire, and a cool-as-shit ghost drummer (with sunglasses and a straw hat!) – otherwise known as the Generationals touring band – lit up The Firebird’s stage for a primo Halloween dance party. Two thumbs up.

We’ve been blog-doting on Generationals (Ted Joyner and Grant Widmer) since the release of “Ten-Twenty-Ten,” the first single from the sophomore effort, Actor-Caster. The New Orleans boys kicked off the night with that lead track, complete with a churning extended intro.

Generationals played through a satisfying opening set (Mates of State came next) that hit all the highs from both the debut, Con Law, and this year’s Actor-Caster. The breakout “When They Fight, They Fight.” The Erasure-esque “Yours Forever.” However, we caught one of our favorites on video: “Tell Me More.” A short-but-sweet song chock full of scatterbrained electro elements and earnest acoustic guitars, “Tell Me More” longs for a love to come on home.

Check the video out above, and if you can, catch Generationals on tour in a venue near you!

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