Monday, February 6, 2012

Jam of the Day | M.I.A. - Bad Girls

If you watched last night's Super Bowl halftime show, you may have noticed two musical sidekicks during Madonna's performance of the self-aggrandizing "Give Me All Your Luvin." Those talented ladies were, of course, Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. During the show, with one quick flip of the bird, M.I.A. created the most memorable news story to come from the entire broadcast, aside perhaps from the outcome of the game itself. Come on NBC / NFL, you didn't see this (or something worse) coming?

With her middle finger extended on camera for all the world to see, M.I.A. perfectly perpetuated her rep as a trouble-making, censorship-fighting artist while at the same time deftly promoting her new single, "Bad Girls," our Jam of the Day. From the Vicki Leekz mixtape, "Bad Girls" cranks out a Middle-Eastern style beat laced with M.I.A.'s distinctively daring lyrics and cocksure delivery: "Live fast. Die young. Bad girls do it well." How appropriate.

Look for a new M.I.A. record sometime this summer on Mercury Records. Until then, check out the dope video for "Bad Girls" below and grab the Vicki Leekz mixtape, for free, here.

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  1. At the this years Super Bowl everyone is talking about “the finger” and what a disgusting display it was. I hope anyone wasn’t eating during this outrage because it was truly terrible. I’m not talking about M.I.A. during the Madonna halftime show. NO!

    The finger I’m talking about happened up in Robert Kraft skybox. The shot of that fat, loudmouth m***** Rush Limbaugh picking his nose on national TV was more than I COULD TAKE! That’s probably why the Patriots lost in such a terrible manner. Rush Limbaugh spreads bad luck and trouble no matter where he shows up… I am somebody who fights back