Hopscotch Music Festival 2012 | The Speakers-Endorsed Track

After covering the two previous Hopscotch Music Festivals, and mapping out the blog’s schedule for attending this year’s festival, I can safely say that the biggest reoccurring theme, outside hangovers and sleep deprivation, seems to be CME, or continuing musical education for the non-acronym inclined. See, what you guys may not realize is the festival is actually the bittersweet end to a process that starts months earlier, and is the culmination of hours spent combing through hundreds of Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages, looking for those needle-in-the-haystack type bands that may be unknown in September, but beeping massive come this time next year (see our previous coverage of Best Coast, Toro y Moi, and Washed Out.)

This year has turned out to be the most exciting lineup yet – after an ill-advised moment of disappointment when the initial lineup came out, we now have been officially schooled. After learning the awesome, but under-the-radar, bands that comprise this year’s lineup, we will not pass judgment before doing our homework in advance again. Pinky swear.

See the path we recommend you take below – and get ready for our tweets, Facebook posts, and a full wrap up of each day after we drag ourselves out of bed at the crack of noon the next day.

Thursday, September 6th
9:00 – Lilac Shadows @ Berkeley Cafe
9:30 – Airstrip @ Kings Barcade
10:00 – Deerhoof @ Memorial Auditorium
11:00 – Lizzy Ross Band @ Deep South
11:30 – Matthew E. White @ Fletcher Opera House
12:00 – Delicate Steve @ White Collar Crime
12:30 – Exitmusic @ Kings Barcade
Friday, September 7th
5:45 – Zammuto @ City Plaza
6:55 – Built to Spill @ City Plaza
8:30 – MAKE @ Kings Barcade
8:45 – The Jesus And Mary Chain @ City Plaza
9:00 – The Future Kings of Nowhere @ Tir Na Nog
9:30 – The Bronzed Chorus @ Five Star
10:00 – Field Report @ Longview Center
10:30 – Wowser Bowser @ CAM Raleigh
11:00 – Azure Ray @ Longview Center
11:30 – Zola Jesus @ Lincoln Theatre
12:00 – Sister Crayon @ White Collar Crime
12:30 – Dan Deacon @ Pour House
Saturday, September 8th
5:45 – Shirlette & The Dynamite Brothers @ City Plaza
6:55 – Escort @ City Plaza
8:30 – The Roots @ City Plaza
9:30 – Shark Quest @ Kings Barcade
10:00 – The Band In Heaven @ Tir Na Nog
10:30 – Nerves Junior @ Kings Barcade
11:00 – Secret Cities @ Longview Center
11:30 – Danny Brown @ CAM Raleigh
12:00 – Class Actress @ The Hive
12:30 – Wye Oak @ Lincoln Theatre

Also, for those challenged by the layout of the festival, make sure to print out this schedule, as well as the map below, and bring them with you. We all know how directions can become challenging after PBR number twelve.

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