70 Songs for Neil Young’s 70th Birthday | Happy Birthday, Neil!

Photo by Jason Gonulsen

“The thing you have to be willing to do, and you have to really be able to embrace it and accept it, and really welcome it into your life with open arms in a wide, wide vision…is failure. Be sure to welcome failure. Always say, “you’re okay with me, failure, come on in.” Because then you have no fear. And if you have no fear, and you believe in yourself, and you only listen to yourself — you are number one.” — Neil Young

Happy 70th, Neil.

Here are 70 of our favorite Neil Young songs (minus the obvious “Heart of Gold,” Old Man,” “Ohio,” “Southern Man,” “Down By The River,” “Cinnamon Girl,” “After the Gold Rush”…you know, those).

1. “Sad Movies”

2. “Try”

3. “Don’t Be Denied”

4. “Give Me Strength”

5. “Stringman”

6. “Powderfinger”

7. “Ambulance Blues”

8. “Peace of Mind”

9. “Falling From Above”

10. “Families”

11. “Homegrown”

12. “‘Til The Morning Comes”

13. “Piece of Crap”

14. “Plastic Flowers”

15. “One of These Days”

16. “Goin’ Back”

17. “White Line”

18. “A Man Needs a Maid”

19. “Thrasher”

20. “Good To See You”

21. “Lost in Space”

22. “Walk On”

23. “Winterlong”

24. “You and Me”

26. “Philadelphia”

27. “Barstool Blues”

28. “Razor Love”

29. “Crime In The City”

30. “I Believe in You”

31. “Ramada Inn”

32. “Big Box”

33. “Cowgirl in the Sand”

34. “Birds”

35. “No Hidden Path”

36. “From Hank To Hendrix”

37. “Bandit”

38. “My Heart”

39. “Change Your Mind”

40. “Danger Bird”

41. “Days That Used To Be”

42. “On The Beach”

43. “Hangin’ On a Limb”

44. “Lookout Joe”

45. “Love in Mind”

46. “Over and Over”

47. “Natural Beauty”

48. “Big Time”

49. “Interstate”

50. “Looking Forward”

51. “Out of Control”

52. “I’m The Ocean”

53. “Living With War”

54. “Words”

55. “F!@#in Up”

56. “Hold Back The Tears”

57. “Walk Like a Giant”

58. “I’m Glad I Found You”

59. “Walk With Me”

60. “Hitchhiker”

61. “Amber Jean”

62. “The Painter”

63. “Bad Fog of Loneliness”

64. “Four Strong Winds”

65. “Tell Me Why”

66. “Roger and Out”

67. “Throw Your Hatred Down”

68. “Train of Love”

69. “Pocahontas”

70. “Cortez the Killer”

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