JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound Cover Wilco (And It’s Damn Good)

One day last summer, I helped my dear friend Corey search for a Chicago-based soul band to play his upcoming wedding. In typical groom-to-be fashion, he had one task during the whole planning process, and he had procrastinated like nobody’s bizness.

During my investigation, I came across a glorious video on YouTube of JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound doing Wilco’sI Am Trying to Break Your Heart.”  Putting a souled out spin on the tune, the boys totally turned it out. And their live performance was indelibly funky fresh. I sent that video to all of my favorite Wilco fans.

Well, today must be my lucky day. Driving home from work and listening to my staple, local independent station KDHX, I heard the newly released studio version of this cover. Below is the video of JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound performing “I Am Trying to Break Your Heart” live in the KDHX studios just a few weeks ago complete with spoken interlude about “dangerous love.”

If you like what you hear, and I hope you do, you can purchase the new 45 from Rabbit Factory Records.

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