Jam of the Day | White Rabbits – Heavy Metal

I can’t walk through the harrowed halls of the high school where I teach without feeling the lingering, raucous spirit of White Rabbits drifting between classrooms and custodial closets.

Okay. Kidding. But, I still love the fact that I live and work where Greg Roberts and Jamie Levinson hit puberty and rocked out in a ska band. Here in the Show-Me State, we gotta get our claims to fame where we can get ’em.

The Brooklyn via Missouri lads are back with their third LP, Milk Famous. Today’s Jam of the Day, the first single and opening track on the new album, is “Heavy Metal,” but don’t let that title fool you. I realize that such comparisons are a little dangerous, but this song oozes with the moodiness of Radiohead and the artful noise guitars of Wilco. It’s casually mellow but rough and raw when it needs to be, just like that Ambulance Ltd. song, “Primitive.” Yeah, it’s like that.

Take a listen below and download if you’re diggin’ it for the cheap price of your e-mail addy.


Milk Famous is out March 6th on tbd, and the vinyl release will come a week later on White Iris. Welcome the boys home at the April 5th show at Saint Louis’ newest (and much raved about by fans and musicians alike), Plush.

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